We would like to introduce you to our legal expert Mrs. Yvonne L.S. Schipper. Yvonne studied law at the University of Amsterdam, where she was specialized in employment law. After obtaining her law degree, she worked for 12.5 years as a senior procedural lawyer for the Legal Department of the FNV (federation of Dutch labor unions). As a senior procedural lawyer, She dealt with a great many cases in the area of employment law, in particular CLA law and social insurance law, for union members. While representing them, she successfully argued many of their cases before the cantonal courts as well as the administrative courts. Part of her work also consisted of training new lawyers. She then worked for seven years for Deloitte as a Senior manager and national Section head for Employment Law. Her responsibilities included managing seven lawyers in the Southern Region (from Maastricht up to and including Eindhoven). She was also responsible for turnover and results. She was active in the general practice of law for national and international clients of Deloitte. Her work included editing and amending contracts, due diligence studies, dossier analysis, negotiating, settling, handling legal proceedings before the cantonal court, the administrative court, and the Central Appeals Body, including dismissal procedures, legal guidance in the case of reorganizations and providing legal advice. In her role as manager of the Southern Region, she was also a member of the national Management Team for Legal Advice (LA), which was responsible for managing the LA activities (approx. 40 lawyers) as well as a member of the Management Team of the Sittard office. As national Section Head for Employment Law, she was the first point of contact and support person for various extremely complex issues handled by all of the lawyers at Deloitte. In 2008, she started working in the court system as a cantonal deputy judge and as a deputy judge. On July 1, 2011, she made the transition to becoming an entrepreneur and established DeJurist. As she has more than 20 years of experience in working for the FNV, for Deloitte and the court system, she has a broad perspective and is used to adopting a bird’s-eye view when evaluating cases instead of a strictly legal type of tunnel vision. Her advice is not limited to the strictly legal aspects of an issue but extends to the best overall strategy for reaching a good and sustainable solution as quickly as possible. Her focus is on identifying and proposing practical solutions for complex problems, whereby the financial and commercial aspects involved are also considered in addition to the legal aspects. Her point of departure is that it is better to avoid legal conflicts rather than to have to decide them via legal proceedings. Accordingly, she is very proactive in consulting with and thinking things through with her client with regard to the best approach towards resolving any legal issues that may arise in the course of normal business practices. She also invest time and effort in trying to anticipate and avoid potential legal pitfalls. This makes it possible to structure legal matters more effectively beforehand, to respond quickly to relevant legal issues, and to avoid a great many legal procedures. Of course, if legal proceedings do become necessary, she can also represent her client before the cantonal court, the administrative court or the Central Appeals Body. Should a specific case require it, she also works within a multidisciplinary framework together with accountants, tax specialists and consultants. She’s specialized in employment law, CLA law, works councils, social insurance law and procedural law. Of course, she is also available for questions in other areas of law. If you wish, matters can also be dealt with in English or in German.


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